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The Automotive, An Of The Most Disadvantaged in This Crisis

The crisis is hitting very hard for many countries in the world, and the industrial side the automobile is one of the most disadvantaged. Three of the biggest companies in the industry in USA, announce for you and close their doors, and European companies are not spared this possibility. On the Asian side, Japan is also experiencing this reality, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and others, have been forced to do not count the services of thousands of employees. However, many African countries that are buying second-hand cars from Japan, argue that they need vehicles for transport, and used cars from japan fully cover this need.


The "FOB"", which is a term used on International Trade to determine the exporter's and also the importer's obligations . These terms are known as "incoterms" , and this is the abbreviation of International Commerce Terms.

The incoterms are built by the International Chamber of Commerce.

The most common used incoterms are:

*FOB ( Free on Board ) sum of all the expenses until the port of embarkation, including the merchandises.
In the case of an exporter of cars, it would be : Car, Taxes, Procedures, shipment of documents, Transport until the port of embarkation (it varies according to the car type and the distance between the auction's place to the port), commission of the exporter of cars ,and this gives us the FOB price.

Exemple :

Car Price +
Transport to the Port of Embarkation
Shipment of Document
Commission of the Exporting Company


*The C&F or CFR ( Cost & Freight ) Freight to the port of destination

Exemple :

Freight +


*And the CIF price ( Cost, Insurance & Freight ) is sum of C&F plus Insurance.

Exemple :

Insurance +


Want to import used cars from Japan ?...!! JS-Auto is your solution!

Want to import used cars from Japan ?...!! JS-Auto is your solution! JS-Auto is a Japanese company that is dedicated to the export of used cars from Japan, is a member of the different networks auction "Japan Used Car Auction" and also the "TradeCarView." Visit his website at: http://www.js-auto.net

Why has demand reason vehicles from Japan ?

Why has demand reason vehicles from Japan?...The vehicles of japan are preferred worldwide for it's high quality. Japanese cars are subject to the stringent emission standards that promote the sale of cars earlier than in most countries. Japanese cars are very economical. These and many other reasons cause that the Japanese cars are of preference in the world-wide market.

Welcome to Japan Used Cars

In this blog we will talk about of the used car from japan, marks, models, prices, etc. and places where they can buy, also we will be talking of accessories for cars, like aluminum wheel, exhaust pipes, equipment of sound, etc. we will comment about the maintenance of cars and presenting some exporter of cars used of Japan, and many other things.